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Woman shares sad tale of how jealous husband plucked out her eyes, fingers

Woman shares sad tale of how jealous husband plucked out her eyes, fingers

Marriage does not always have a ‘fairytale happy ever after’ ending and a Kenyan woman identified as Moureen Omolo is one of the many whose union turned out to be a horror.

Moureen survived an assassination attempt by her husband, but she has been left with permanent scars which serve as a reminder of the night her life was almost ended by the one she loved the most.

Narrating her ordeal to Afrimax TV, she stated she was wedded off as a child bride when she was just 15 years old, a decision she said she has gravely regretted.

At that time, she was positive her marriage was the surest financial option she could make, in a bid to be of help to her younger siblings.

Initially there was peace and happiness, which later grew to become obsession on the part of her husband. She was also banned from speaking to any male, not even her husband’s friends.

It was based on this obsession she said she was forced to become a housewife, but her constant demand to work in order to supplement his meager salary convinced her husband to allow her travel to the city to work as a maid.

While there, she said she was constantly threatened, which she quoted,” If I can’t have you, nobody can. If you ever cheat on me, I will find you and the man and burn you to death”.

Scared for her life, Moureen said she returned to her husband, but he instead made her a prisoner of love and denied her of freedom because she had become more beautiful due to the good living in the city.

To make matter’s worse, her husband took in a second wife, which she strongly objected to and opted for a separation which was not granted.

Moureen told the media men that on the night she intended to travel back to the city was when her husband hatched a sinister plan to murder her.

He slashed her several times in her back, face and shoulders, before gouging out her right eye and pulling out her finger nails.

After what he thought was a perfect murder, she said her husband attempted suicide by poisonings, but after his plan backfired, he reported himself to the police.

He is still behind bars having been found guilty of the crime, and she, as well has moved on with her life, despite her disfigured look.

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