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Wife storms church with kids and marriage certificate during her husband’s secret wedding

A woman’s family showed up at the wedding ceremony of her husband to present proof that he was already marriage.

They stormed the church with the man’s children and also gave the presiding minister their marriage certificate.

The clergyman had to pause the wedding to address the matter which almost led to the man bein mobbed.

In a video which has gone viral, the family could be seen walking into the church when the man stood at the altar ready to marry another woman.

According to reports, the said ‘new wife’ was the woman’s chief bridesmaid during her wedding.

It was gathered that the incident happened this past weekend in Sierra Leone.

Some netizens from Sierra Leone claimed that the said bestie and new wife did black magic that made the first wife mentally ill each time she entered her matrimonial home.

Speaking on the incident, @allthingsanto wrote: “I’m a Sierra Leonean. Let me add something. And new wife happens to be best friends with the “ditched” first wife. They ate together, did everything together. Okay y’all know what besties do now. First wife proves to be fine and ok every time she’s at her family house but as soon as she goes to her matrimonial home, she runs mad. Sad!

“Info gathered from an interview that featured the elder sister of the first wife.“

Also speaking in line with multiple reports on the new wife and tagging her the lady’s bestie, another netizen @lubr_ian said: “Stories have it that the bride was infact the chief bride’s maid at the wedding of the first wife and the groom. The bride allegedly did black magic that will make the first wife go mad any time she enters her matrimonial home.”

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