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“When You Break The Eight, We Will Die” – Kwesi Pratt Tells NPP Government

Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt has urged the NPP government to help Ghanaians by leaving office in 2024.

He added that NPP should cancel their plans to be in power after 2024 elections. He added that Ghanaians are fed up with this government because of the kind of hardships they have been through.

He touched on few items and revealed that Ghanaians find it difficult to buy kenkey these days because of the price and the size of the meal. He also touched on the prices of fuel which has been increasing consistently these days.

He added that NPP has spent just two years in their second term and things seem to worsening each and every day. He believes that may people may die if the party wins in 2024.

“We beg you, don’t break the eight. When you break the eight, we will die. This man is going to break the eight. Even the two koraaa look. Look at the price of Kenkey and you still want to break the eight on top. Have pity on us and leave us here. Don’t break the eight” he said.

Kwesi Pratt encouraged the Arise Ghana demonstrators and also urged them that what they are about to do is a good thing because it will help save the economy.

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