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We Have A Very Wicked Step Father Today; Daddy Please Come Back- Mahama Told

A father is not restricted to only the biological sense. A father generally, is anyone who performs the fatherly role. Thus, all Presidents play the fatherly role for their subjects or citizens. Today as we celebrate father’s worldwide, His Excellency the Former President, John Dramani Mahama wished all fathers a happy day in some simple words.

“To every dad, Happy Father’s day”

This message caused a massive stir on social media. One dominant comments or message that stood out as reaction to John Mahama’s message is the call for the return of President Mahama. Social media activist, Dzifa Gun, summarized everything Ghanaians wanted to say, “we have a very wicked stepfather today. Daddy, please come back”.

One might say this is a viewpoint of any sympathizer of the party, National Democratic Congress. But in reality and closing ears to all subjective comments, Ghanaians are hoping in a change of governance. But not necessarily to Mahama alone, but to someone who can steer the economy to how it was initially.

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