Video: Kumawood Actor Paa George Announces His Death Date

Video: Kumawood Actor Paa George Announces His Death Date

“I know that I’m definitely going to die. I asked for only 96 years on earth. I told God not to add anything to that duration. I must go and rest. I’m 85 years now so it’s left with only 11 years for me to die” Paa George said boldly without sorrow in an interview.

Per the words of the Kumawood star, he is expecting his death in 2033. He made this known after the presenter asked him about how he feels about old actors dying randomly of late.

Paa George added that, death is inevitable and he is ever prepared to meet him (death) in 11 years time.

Paa George further revealed what he will be doing in 2031 which is two years to his death date.

” Two years before I die, I’ll enjoy myself. I’ll sleep and sleep and sleep till sleep gets tired of me. I’ll stretch my legs in bed because I may not get that opportunity when I die ” Paa George revealed.

” What kind of sleep are you referring to?” The journalist enquired.

” Just as your mind tells you. My wife is still alive and you know what I’ll do with her in our bedroom knowing that I’m dying soon. Anyway it’s none of your business. You’re being inquisitive into my bedroom ” Paa George added hilariously.

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