Veteran Nigerian actor, Kenneth Aguba is homeless – Reports

As seen in a viral photo, Veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Aguba is homeless. The onetime movie ‘controller’ has been reduced to a pauper and is living on the streets.

As seen in the photo, Aguba was spotted sitting in an open space outside a container shop.

It also showed the Nollywood Veteran sitting with what was left of his belongings in the open space where he is said to have been living for some time.

Nollywood Movie lovers after sighting the disturbing photos have expressed their dismay at the Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for neglecting their own to suffer.

Sharing this information on the internet, a social media user named Benjamin wrote: “He has been homeless since. Nollywood is a mess. I know this man since my childhood, he repairs umbrellas for people. When they have a movie shoot, they will come and pick him up in the market and use him. After every shooting, they pay him the highest N2000. He use to entertain us whenever he comes to our shop, he is so funny and he tells a joke. He use to tell us all his behind the scene experience and he said sometimes, they use to give him only food after acting.”


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