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Upper East Museum receives first facelift since1991

The Upper East Regional Museum has finally received some well-deserved attention from the French Embassy and other partners. The collaboration of the partners saw the renovation of the facility.

The Museum houses various indigenous and other pre-colonial artefacts. Since its establishment in 1975, and commissioning on January 21, 1991, by the then PNDC Secretary of Culture Dr Mohammed Ben Abdullah, the facility has not received any attention from successive governments.

The Upper East Regional Director of the Museum, Madam Prisca Na’anbome Yenzie who made the known added that it was by the grace of God that a positive response came from the Embassy.

“The renovation and the exhibition including the newly constructed hand-on session are supported and financed by the French Embassy. The reception, air conditioning and plastic bottle recycling are sponsored by Bolgatells. Individuals also contributed their material and human resources by providing us with materials and cost of work according to our budget prices and not the market price.”

She further stressed that “this support I must say has come to boost our morale as workers here. We too now know that we have an office to work in. so, I and my colleague workers will ensure that we put our all to work and educate those who are ready to be educated about their history and norms. We can’t thank them for the support and also those of you who are our local supporters. We are grateful.”


She, therefore, called on various stakeholders to acknowledge the importance of the museum and participate in its maintenance.

“I will like to appeal to all and sundry to acknowledge the importance of the museum and participate wholeheartedly in the maintenance and sustenance of the Upper East Regional Museum in its mission to preserve and exhibits the cultural heritage for posterity. Also, I want to appeal to the various Districts’ Chief Executives to work in collaboration with our traditional authorities to establish Mini-museums in your respective Districts for the benefit of the present and future generations.”

The France Ambassador, Her Excellency the Ambassador, Anne Sophie Ave encouraged students to make good use of the museum and know its history.

She also called on various stakeholders to support keeping and improving their histories as that would be one of the only ways in building the future of the society.




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