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The ‘dirty’ behaviour of Ghanaian market women caused inflation, not Akufo-Addo – NPP’s Maurice Ampaw

Celebrity lawyer also known as Lawyer Maurice Ampaw speaks to Ghanaians live on Wontumi TV. During Wontumi TV’s ‘Mmra ne Abrabo Mu Nsem’ show.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw states a reason why inflation is rising in this country. According to Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, Ghanaian market women are the cause of inflation and the president cannot be utmostly blamed for inflation.

‘The ‘dirty’ behaviour of Ghanaian market women caused inflation in Ghana and not Akuffo-Addo’s government. My reason is that, the market women will interestingly increase the prices of goods in the market when there is little inflation. This behavior will then generally cause things to become expensive and so Ghanaians will then blame Akuffo-Addo for making things expensive. Ghanaians have failed to realize that it is the market women who are causing the havoc in the economy’, Maurice Ampaw tells Ghanaians.

According to Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, if not for the irresponsible or ‘dirty’ behaviour of Ghanaian market women, our inflation rate would not be high as it is now. The market women are the ones making the country an expensive place to live by increasing prices of products thereby increasing inflation. I do not care if you Ghanaians blame Akufo-Addo because Ghanaians have ‘short memory’, says Maurice Ampaw.


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