The current state of Ghana exposes the under-rotten belly of the elephant (NPP)

Our elders do say that when you follow too much, the sweetness of honey, you will find its bitterness. Running up to the 2016 elections, Nana Addo/Bawumia and the NPP put before Ghanaians, a plethora of lofty and mouthwatering promises.

These gave fake optimism to many Ghanaians. Some believed that Ghana could get a facelift and standard of lives improve under Nana Addo and NPP government, little did they know that they would be roasted to death prematurely.

Nana Addo and the NPP claimed to have superior knowledge to making Ghana better for Ghanaians than John Mahama and the NDC. They insulted, lied, painted John Mahama and the NDC black in the eyes of Ghanaians.

They deliberately cajoled Ghanaians to believing that Nana Addo and the NPP were the best alternative to bring heaven on earth for Ghanaians. The under-rotten belly of the elephant has been exposed. Today, every Ghanaian knows the truth.

Ghanaians, after giving power to Nana Addo and the NPP, now bite their fingers day-in day-out. When these people failed Ghanaians in their first term, they cunningly came back with a suppose panacea to all our problems called E-Levy.

It was vehemently opposed by many Ghanaians. The process to implementing the Killer E-Levy left in the records of parliament, lots of unprintable words. Physical throwing of blows and a number physical push and pull, assaults, naked insults, leakages of private personal information of the Speaker and other MPs happened all in the name of the “Kill E-Levy”.

It took the finance minister, Ken Ofori Atta and the entire Economic Mismanagement Team, to waste our resources in organizing town hall meetings across the country to persuade Ghanaians to accept the E-Levy implementation.

The said E-Levy, they say, would create a lot of jobs for the youth of this country. They said E-Levy would bring in a lot of cash to government to settle contractors. They said E-Levy would bring fertilizer to farmers.

They also said E-Levy was going to be a panacea to the ailing Free Senior High School. Ghanaians were told that E-Levy would solve all the problems Ghanaians face. E-Levy, we were told would bring heaven down for Ghanaians.

The foresighted and people-caring NDC MPs and the speaker of parliament advised them but they never took it. The speaker of parliament and the NDC MPs again warned Nana Addo and the NPP over E-Levy but they failed to reason.

Some months after the implementation of the obnoxious E-Levy, Ghanaians are yet to benefit from it. As to whether or not it is yielding the desired outcome, they alone know.

Today as we speak, “the Saviour E-Levy” has been implemented and is currently ongoing. Ghanaians are worst off than before. Prices of things are galloping on daily basis. Fuel price increases every day.

Most farmers cannot buy fertilizers to farm; business men and women can no longer do business as they used to do. This makes the country extremely hot for the ordinary Ghanaian to survive.

The excruciating hardship is truncating lots of people’s lives prematurely. Most men have ceased to be men. Some cannot gain erection while others suddenly become unproductive. Some women have become sterile; others always very bitter.

Peace has failed to visit some families again. Husbands and wives rise against each other. Brothers rise against one another; children cry uncontrollably and myriad of confusions. All the smiling faces we used to know have suddenly changed to sad faces. Even those who still claim to be happy, when they smile, you still see relics of pretense in their faces.

The country is currently at a crossroad. Every Ghanaian now reads the book of Lamentation. This is done at every corner in the country where two or more people are gathered.

In the offices, hospitals, clinics, churches, mosques, schools, markets, funerals and even on beds, the book of Lamentation is being read every day, every hour, every minute and every second. Is Ghana a cursed country now?

All Ghanaians but very few who voted for Nana Addo and the NPP are now regretting. Farmers are regretting, teachers are regretting. Doctors are regretting, nurses are regretting. Students are regretting, parents are regretting. Market women are regretting, youth are regretting. Chiefs are regretting, queen mothers are regretting. What kind of country are we in?

I wish to conclude by calling on Ghanaians to rise up. Ghanaians must rise, speak and act! The time is now. We cannot allow the fear of victimization to cow us and slowly kill us.

Enough of the wastage and mismanagement of our resources by Nana Addo, Garbby Ochere Darko, their families and the NPP. Ghanaians must not sit down and allow very few greedy, selfish and wicked family to roast all of us to premature death. GOD SAVES US!

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