TESCON now a jama group in NPP – Captain Kwame Jabari

The Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON ) of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) has become a ‘jama’ group, this is the position of a leading National Democratic Congress  (NDC) member in the Ashanti Region, Captain John Kwame Jabari (retired).

The NDC man alleges that the student wing of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) even though was founded over two decades ago to support youth activism, has not been given the freedom and opportunity to function as such hence they have been relegated to the background to do ‘monkey dey work baboon dey chop’.

In the just-ended NPP National Delegate Conference, the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON) proxy voters numbering about 291 members were barred from casting their vote, a situation that has angered most who are confused about their role in the party as a youth wing.

The party says the inability of TESCON members to vote was as a result of an injunction that was served on them.

However Speaking on a political discussion show on Ultimate 106.9 FM in Kumasi, observed by MyNewsGh.com, Captain Jabari was confused as to the actual role of the group, when it comes to decision-making during internal party politics.

‘‘if the NPP wants to do jama, then they go and bring them to come and sing, after that they take them back to their schools. Me I am confused as to the role of TESCON now, look when it comes to jama, the NPP quickly calls them   that is when they are relevant’’

‘‘In Ashanti Region almost a month and half ago, they were not allowed to vote, so why couldn’t the problem be solved? You let young men sit in buses from , Tatale , Tamale , Bolgatanga, Kumasi , Takoradi and other long places to the stadium then you tell them there is an injunction, they can’t vote , how.’’ Jabari said.

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“Till date do you know who placed the injunction?   Caesar, have you seen the injunction please answer me, have you seen the person who filed the injunction? Mc Manu who was the chairman of the elections has he told us who filed the injunction and the reasons that were label on the writ injuncting those people over there and which lawyer saw to it’’

‘‘Now the intellectual wing has become a jama wing, if they want jama them they bring after that they take them back to their schools, it’s unfortunate a party that prides itself that they are intellectuals ’’

‘‘Almost all the crop of people that were vying for positions on Saturday, Nana B, Salam, Kodua they are all products of TESCON, and they have sat down for this to happen, Tescon members used to vote before so why now’’ Jabari questioned.

However responding to the issues, the Deputy NADMO Director of Obuasi Municipal and Obuasi West Constituency Youth Organizer, Bright Nyampong was equally bemused with the current happening with TESCON and the party.

He believes some discrepancies in the TESCON constitution and the party constitution needs to be streamlined to avert these calamities.

If TESCON have become dysfunctional today, the blame should be on the past and present leadership at various levels.

‘‘I will put the blame on the leaders who are leading the youth front both past and current, now the reason is very simply we are having a constitutional problem here now if you take our party constitution under the rules of TESCON , rule 16 says one TESCON representative from each recognized tertiary institution, now the TESCON constitution says a president from a TESCON institution will have the voting rights, while the tescon constitution is speaking one language, the party constitution which supersedes that TESCON  is also saying somethings different, the reason I blame the youth leadership for failing to bring clarity to the issues’’

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He is however urging the elected youth organizer, Salam Mustapha to address the issues quickly to clear any ambiguity in the constitution.

‘‘ our dear brother Salam Mustapha, the next national Tescon coordinator to be appointed together with the regional TESCON coordinators and our regional youth organizers should attend to this portion of our constitution and the Tescon constitution immediately to find lasting solutions to this one either than that this problem will continue to happen’’




Source: MyNewsGh.com

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