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Tell The President Those Who Voted For Him Want To Hear From Him-Johnnie Hughes

Tell The President Those Who Voted For Him Want To Hear From Him-Johnnie Hughes

Believe me when I say being a President is one of the most difficult jobs in the world regardless of how “charming” it may look. Every decision and action you take has an impact on the lives of the people.

In the current difficult times we find ourselves in as a country, the Presidency remains the symbol of hope and it is always a sigh of relief when there is an indication that the President would address the people.

Unfortunately, not much has been heard from the President in the midst high fuel and food prices among others.

Host of “Johnniesbite” on TV3, Johnnie Hughes has charged the advisors, aides and all those close to the President to inform him of the people’s eagerness to hear from him.

He believes that in the midst of the difficulties and challenges, it is important for the President to speak to the people to instill some hope.

He reiterated that the President’s continuous silence on the challenges that confront the people is not helping the situation at all.

“You have refused to talk to the people but you have a media conglomerate at the Jubilee house. You have spokespersons on everything but that is not what the people want. They want to hear from you Mr Preaident. The appointees of the President, Advisors and the others close to him must tell him that the people want to hear from him. When will you meet the Press Mr President? The last time you met the Press was 2019” he quizzed.

Is that what Ghanaians really want at this time? Just a speech from the President?

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