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Takoradi Centre for National Culture still not completed even after Minister’s promise

The Center for National Culture (CNC) in the Western Region built by the government of Ghana to maintain, promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the country, years now has remained uncompleted.

Although the Minister for Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture, Ibrahim Mohammed Awal stated on June 4, 2021, during a 2-day working visit to the Western Region that the CNC will be completed in June this year, no visible work has been done.

The poor state of the building has given rise to people to question if the building is even fit for purpose and there are some that have even blamed it for being the reason young creatives are moving to other regions and thereby contributing to the decline of art and culture in the region.

Mr Mac Ben Eghan, the PRO and Head of Marketing for the Center for National Culture, Western Region, told Skyy News that,

”The Centre for National Culture was built purposely to maintain and preserve the cultural heritage of Ghana.

The essence was that we wanted the government to maintain and preserve our culture as far as Ghanaian culture is concerned.

What we mean by preserving our culture is that we have our way of life which we want to maintain, we don’t want to adopt a culture of others.

So we realized that as part of the government’s initiative to maintain our culture, it brought up the wear Ghana agenda and eat Ghana agenda when the covid came in.

So the essence of the centre for national culture was to keep our culture here in Ghana. It is now obvious that the buildings are not in good shape or are not fully completed in Takoradi here.

It is the government that runs the day-to-day affairs of the centre because it financed it.

Whatever money that comes in the government has its own way of using it such that we are supposed to send 70% of the money to the government chest and it will direct you on how and what to spend the 30% on.

The place is still not completed but we can still do something and not just sit ideal. There is a lot of department including the kente section, visual arts section and jewellery section at the centre. All we are saying is that people should patronise and come for training at the centre even though it is not completed.”

With its numerous shortcomings, Mr Eghan believes with high patronage from the general public, the edifice will reach the heights of its counterparts in the other regions.

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