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Stop involving military in civilian activities – UTV’s Agya Kwabena warns

It appears the involvement of soldiers in civilian issues in the country is becoming increasingly popular; and Ghanaian media personality, Agya Kwabena, has boldly spoken against it.

According to the UTV host, unlike the past years, soldiers are seen in almost every event in the country, a move he opined could drive away the dignity that the police and the military carry on the eyes of the populace.

Speaking on UTV’s Saturday news analysis program – Critical Issues, Agya Kwabena observed with dismay how soldiers were involved in the installation of prepaid metres by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) at Lower Manya Krobo last week, which resulted in scores of residents within the area hitting the streets to protest against the power management body.

Agya Kwabena also faulted the military’s involvement in the recently held GIMPA and GJA elections.

He condemned that such activities were “internal” and only required the supervision of personnel from the Ghana Police service rather involving soldiers.

“This is an internal something, soldiers mostly come out when there’s an external attack. Why must we involve soldiers in the installation of prepaid metres in Krobo? Soldiers are everywhere when we are voting, why?. Soldiers were seen at GIMPA SRC elections and just yesterday during the GJA elections too soldiers were there, why?” He quizzed.

He continued, “So we can’t let the police take charge of everything during our elections unless we involve soldiers? How many students are there in GIMPA? And how many journalists were involved in the GJA elections? These are small bodies whose elections do not require even one soldier, so what were the soldiers doing there?”

He cautioned, “Let’s be careful because gradually the dignity associated with the military, the command they carry and the fear people have in them is fading away.”

Agya Kwabena, therefore, charged both the police and military administrations to work as independent security forces unless the reason for which their services are needed is so crucial.

“It’s about time we stopped involving the military into every little thing. The police and military must do their separate jobs. A job that requires to be done by the police must not be given to soldiers, allow state institutions to work independently especially the police and military,” he said.

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