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Stop Giving License To Politicians To Own Radio And TV Stations – Nana Kweku Ofori Atta

Stop Giving License To Politicians To Own Radio And TV Stations – Nana Kweku Ofori Atta

Journalism or journalist are becoming the major problems to the nation.

As a concern citizen of Ghana mostly i become more bothered as in how most of our journalists practice their profession in the journalism field.

I believe journalism as an institution has a broader sector which is used as a tool to either investigate, inform and to educate the masses to add value towards the development of a Nation, but in Africa , Ghana to be precise ,most journalists are working for politicians who are their pay masters ,hence prevent them from doing their duties adequately as expected by their code of ethics practically.

The reason is that, most of our Radio and Television stations are owned by these same politicians who ends up messing up the job of journalism in the nation with politicizing every national issue.

I believe that, there should be a law passed by parliament to prevent any one who intend to be a politician, to serve the nation from acquiring certification or Licence to operate television / Radio station to avoid interference of the media.

I am of the view that investigative journalism is one key area that brings hidden agendas by persons who run the state into debt through corrupt practices to light.

I believe that after investigations by the journalists they should proceed to the court seeking for accountability and justice for the state and the masses at large rather than sitting on radio and television shows discussing it which brings no value to the job done.

I think what must be done , must be done well and not half way to swipe it under the culprit.

Noise making is ok but what benefit does it give the nation after revealing corrupt practice by state men and women spearheading the affairs of the state?

The judiciary sector of government is paid for a mandate which i believe it’s doors are widely opened for each and every citizen to seek justice.

Every Ghanaian has the right to ensure we put a government to a check.

it’s a constitutional mandate which needs not to be taken for granted. let us all be good citizens and not spectaculars.

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