Sotayo Sobola Raises Alarm Over The Rapid Spread Of HIV In Nigeria

Actress Sotayo Sobola has raised alarm over the rapid spread of HIV in Nigeria as she reminds Nigerians to be very careful of how they go about their s3kzual life.

HIV is still in the system but some people seem to have forgotten about it hence Sotayo Sobola took it upon herself to remind them that HIV is still in the system and the rapid way in which it’s spreading is very alarming.

This is an advice to the whole world because HIV is still in the system and people are contracting the virus each day so based on this post of Sotayo Sobola, we remind ourselves that HIV is still around and we need to take extra care of ourselves so we don’t contract it.

It’s not only through s3kzual intercourse that one could contract HIV therefore we all have a role to play in keeping ourselves safe and not only during mating since there are other ways one could be infected with the HIV virus.

screenshot below;

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