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NELAS AWARDS 2022: UNAFRIK Show Nominated ‘Best Entertainment Show’

The UnAfrik show has been nominated for this year’s NELAS Awards in the United Kingdom as the Best Entertainment show.

The most popular entertainment show in African communities in UK, aired on Omega TV, is hosted by DJ Francis and The Young 12years female Dj ZEL.

In accordance with its content and the unique presentation and production of the TV show, the Organizers of the awards described the Unafrik show as one of the best entertainment shows in UK currently.

How it gives uprisings the chance to promote their musics and craft was also described as phenomenal.

DJ Francis, the host of the UK based show said his vision of getting platform on radio and TV was to promote African music in United Kingdom and other countries in Europe.

” It has not been easy for this journey which started 5 years ago on GN Radio in UK, the drive of the vision has been constant that is why this award is come through”, he said

The multiple award winning DJ added that as evidence of the success of the show, and what keeps him and the Unafrik team on the right track was their ability to give so many uprising artists the chance, light and a stepping stone to continue their artists career, and now that this nomination has come through it mean the good work has been recognised by many, so more work must be done to keep it audiences grow and give them good show always.

The show after returning on Omega TV on Mondays at 8:30pm to 10pm, has gained an increasing streams and views every week.

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