Kwame Sefa Kayi Finally Sends A Powerful Message To NPP Concerning The NDC; Details Inside

Kwame Sefa Kayi, the host of Peace FM Kokrokoo, has forcefully written to the government’ s New Patriotic Party (NPP) regarding the National Democratic Congress (NDC). After NPP MP Kingsley Nyarko made some remarks criticizing the NDC, he made the remarks on his show.

Hon. Kingsley Nyarko stated that the current NPP government has done well despite the fact that the nation is experiencing a global economic crisis during his appearance on Peace FM’ s Kokrokoo. He acknowledged that the current Akufo- Addo administration has built more asphalt roads than the preceding NDC administration.

However, Sefa Kayi entered and informed the MP that since the NDC has been out of power for the past five years, they cannot continue to discuss them.

Sefa Kayi admonished the NPP to stop always blaming the former NDC administration for everything and to stop equating themselves with the NDC. He stated that since the NPP is currently the only NDC administration that Ghanaians are aware of, it would be better for them to hold that viewpoint. Sefa also questioned whether the average Ghanaian agrees with everything the NPP claims to have accomplished.

The former President expressed in his speech how moving it was for him to hear what the Vice President is alleged to have stated. President Kufuor made comments about the father- son relationships between him and the MC, Kwame Sefa- Kayi, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, who was also present, and the Mamfehene, who was also present because it was a Father’ s Day event.

Additionally, he talked about the close father son relationship he shares with Dr. Bawumia and explained how the vice president was just one month and one day younger than John Addo Kuffour, his own oldest child. Mr. Kuffour went on to say that he had always been close to the vice president and treated him like a trie son for this reason.

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