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IMF guys are in town, we are going for loan despite e-levy; Captain Smart reveals

IMF guys are in town, we are going for loan despite e-levy; Captain Smart reveals

Captain Smart has always had the belief that Ghana will one day as a country see development and progress. The gentleman has always prayed for this country and implored that the leaders uphold discipline, become patriotic, and must desist from unconcerned conduct and selfishness when they get to the top.

Commenting on the state of Ghana’s economy, the morning show host who was emotional, described how things are extremely difficult for the ordinary Ghanaian. He sounded poetic and opined that during Rawlings time, even though he was a military man, things weren’t this hard.


Prof Mills laid a solid foundation apart from Woyome there were no corruption cases against him. We were looking for somebody who will fail with honor but we now have leaders chasing success with fraud.

They joined ‘let my vote count’ and did everything humanly possible to bring him to power with the impression that he would be the game changer and bring about massive development. Unfortunately, they voted for failure. Graduates don’t have jobs to do after graduating from tertiary schools.

We have given iPad to ministers while our ladies don’t have pads to menstruate. When we saw change coming, we thought things would be better.

In conclusion, he revealed that the international monetary fund(IMF) guys are in town and as such we are going there for a loan despite E-levy.


Source: Operanews

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