I’m Coming For You! – Afia Schwar Drags General Manager Of Media General Beatrice Agyemang

Controversial actress and comedian, Afia Schwarzenegger has sent a strong warning to the General Manager of Media General, Madam Beatrice Agyemang to stop her people from dragging her in the mud on their TV station!

Afia Schwar has noted that she is going to go after Beatrice Agyemang if her presenters continue to drag her and her children on Onua TV.

According to Afia, she only turned down a job offer from Beatrice Agyemang and never insulted her or wrong her but her Onua TV is being used to drag her and perpetuate falsehood against her all the time.

She went on to disclose that the General Manager of Media General, Beatrice Agyemang has skeletons in her closet and has employed fraudsters and scammers working for her but she is walking in Ghana like a good woman.

She, therefore, threatened to attack her if she doesn’t stop her people from perpetuating lies against her.

Below is the message Afia Schwarzenegger wrote on social media;

I remember the day, that afternoon you called me( don’t know how you got my number) and begged me to move the show ” political police” to your station, you would want it to be on onua TV and Radio concurrently and I turned it down..( still have that conversation)
I told you I don’t quit on people and TV Africa needs me so I won’t quit on them in just 4 months..thank you for your offer but NO.

I don’t remember insulting you or disrespecting you in any way But let me ask oo, Is that the reason why you want to use Onua TV to peddle falsehood against me?? Tell me Beatrice, tell Ghanaians your pain.
I remember you telling me we come from the same town( sekyerefuor) and that was why I called to warn you and your nitwit to leave me alone.
Onua TV,has been peddling lies about me, my children,my brand for years…If I open my mouth I become the bad one..
If I was any of the things you allow people to say about me on your network, why did you beg me to come work for tv3???
The next post will be about you and the things you do in secret that makes you think you are perfect!!!
Or you think people don’t know you, you don’t have skeletons in your cupboard??
I will end here and ask God to deal with you…aba Is it by force??
Leave me alone,I deserve some peace…
Beatrice Agyemang and Media general..LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!!!
And some Ghanaians have seen what is going on on Onua Tv but are quiet…hypocrites…Don’t worry am about to take over!!!!!
Even you that employs fraudsters n scammers and put them on TV is roaming in ghana like some good woman bi..apuuu leave me alone!!!!
I won’t repeat this post,I promise.

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