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I’ll destroy the world if NATO invades Russia – Ghanaian man warns

A Ghanaian man known in real life as Abraham Lincoln Adade has warned the NATO Forces and the Queen of England to as a matter of urgency retreat from invading Russia.

According to him, the NATO forces have advanced their plans to invade Russia after the country attacked Ukraine in recent times.

The man who describes himself as the ‘King of the forces’ for the other world and the ‘King of the Universe’ said, “I know there is a conspiracy going on to invade Russia, Vladimir Putin has plans to launch nuclear weapons”.

He, however, indicated that, “the world belongs to the morning star, it is not for any human and also I hope you’ve all seen strange images coming from the black hole, it’s my brothers from the other side – they are willing to invade this world”.

To the Queen of England, he indicated that she has vast knowledge in the Politics of this world and should therefore not fall prey to other Heads of State:

“To my lady, the Queen, you know more in politics than any other heads of state. I want you to handle them properly. You know very well I don’t like to be disrespected and I don’t want my request to be denied. I want the NATO forces to retreat.” He said

In a video sighted by, the self-acclaimed ‘King Of The Universe’ who again claims to be 76 billion years old cautioned that if the NATO forces are not made to retreat, he will be left with no other option than to cause the forces from the other world to invade the world

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Watch the video below

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