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“How and why I killed my Canadian boyfriend” – Suspect reveals in court

In the court, what led to the death of the Canadian guy who was allegedly killed by a level 100 student model, Safina Diamond, was vividly detailed by the prosecutor.

According to the authorities, a Technical Officer named Michael Fiifi Ampofo Arku helped Safina Mohammed Adizatu, age 23, perpetrate the crime.

According to the authorities, the deceased, Frank Kofi Osei, was a Ghanaian citizen with a residence in Canada who had travelled to the nation on holiday.

According to reports, Safina, also known as Safina Diamond on social media, and Arku repeatedly stabbed the victim in the chin, jaw, and back before strangling him to death.

The two were charged with murder and conspiracy when they appeared in court in Adenta.

Osei, who is now dead, visited Safina, his fiancée, who lives at Ashalley Botwe School Junction on Sunday, July 24, 2022, and made the decision to spend the night, according to the prosecution’s case, which was made by Chief Inspector Jacob Nyarko.

The prosecution asserts that Osei was fatally strangled after being repeatedly stabbed with a knife on his chin, jaw, and back during the early hours of the morning by Safina, Arku, and other unknown accomplices.

The corpse was in the room for a full day before Safina and Arku cleaned up the blood, according to the Chief Inspector.

The accused later took the deceased from the first level of the multi-story structure down the staircase, dumped him at the gate of the home where the deceased had parked his Toyota Tundra, and then cleaned the blood stains off the stairwell, according to the prosecution.

At around four in the morning on Tuesday, July 26, Safina called a police officer to report that her boyfriend had just visited her and had passed away in her bed.

According to the prosecution, the police officer alerted the Police Patrol Team, who arrived on the spot in a hurry and discovered the deceased’s body lying at Safina’s front gate.

Safina and Arku, meanwhile, were not to be found.

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