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GPRTU meets Transport Ministry over possible increment in transport fares

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) is preparing to meet the Ministry of Transport for a round table discussion over a possible increment in transport fares to correspond with recent fuel price hikes in the country.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of GPRTU Mr Abbas Ibrahim Moro revealed its decision to increase transport fares would depend on an increment in fuel prices on various petroleum products from the month of May.

“We shall consider it from the month of May from the time when we increased transport fares till today.  .  We shall also consider products like lubricants to make an informed decision on our new prices”. Abbas Ibrahim Moro told Sompa FM in an interview monitored by

He continued that, the Union has already written to the ministry to meet on Friday. “We are going to meet them if not, they should also give us a period within which would be favorable to them and we are prepared to meet them for the discussions”.

The transport union is, however, seeking a  15% increment in transport fares.

The Union still maintains its earlier stance that it would no longer consult the ministry on further increments but only sees it appropriate to have a talk with the ministry before such a decision is made.

This year alone, transport fares have been increased twice. There was a 15 percent in February when fuel prices averaged GH¢6.4 per litre, on May 11, 2022, the Union increased transport fares by 20% and said it was the best option possible for commercial drivers.

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