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Dramatic scenes as a thug is shot dead while trying to rob a bank [Watch]

Dramatic scenes as a thug is shot dead while trying to rob a bank [Watch]

A video making rounds on social media showing the moment a thug who posed as a customer was shot by a security officer before succumbing to injuries.

The armed thug is seen at the teller section and shortly after, he draws his pistol and aims at the security officer manning the bank.

Luckily, the officer spots him, leading to a deadly gun fight. The well-trained officer manages to overpower the thug and aims at his neck.

The thʋg was seen trying to shoot back at the officer but he did not manage as the officer ran back into the teller station before running away through the backdoor.

He was then seen hovering around as blood oozed from his neck. He was the seen trying to exit the bank before he was fully uncapable to move an inch.


At the exit, the man was captured dropping off his gun as blood continued to floor before he went silent, an indication that he might have died due to the gun shot injury inflicted on him on the neck.

Watch video below :

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