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Digital Address Mess-Up In Kumasi

A WRONG digital address house plate has been placed on a certain house at Fante New Town near Akwatia Line in Kumasi.

The said house is located at Fante New Town, but an Asafo digital address house plate has been mistakenly embossed on it.

The clear mess-up is creating problems for the inhabitants of the house as they are unable to give their exact location to friends and even for business purposes.

The house in question can be found on the ‘Maham Bla Street’ but authorities have wrongly placed ‘Bimpeh Hill Road’ plate on it.

Interestingly, the Maham Bla Street is named after Alhaji Mohammed Awal Salifu, owner of the house with the wrong digital address plate.

Sharing his frustration with DAILY GUIDE in an interview, Alhaji Awal Salifu said “the Maham Bla is my family name.

“The street was named after me in 2008 but surprisingly my house and a few others have been given wrong digital address plates.

“My house is at Fante New Town near Akwatia Line but I have been given Asafo digital address number plate instead.”

The frustrated house owner said people who want to visit his house are always directed to Asafo, creating challenges for them.

He said he has reported the clear digital address mess-up case to the assemblyman in his area for onward report to authorities.

“It is almost six months now since I reported the case to the assemblyman but no action has been taken yet,” he bemoaned.

Alhaji Awal Salifu passionately appealed to the authorities concerned to quickly rectify the anomaly to save them from problems.

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