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Constituency Executives should propose persons for nomination as MMDCEs – Musah Superior

He argued that it will be in the interest of both the Party and government if a future President implement his proposal.

“This will make them work together for the betterment of our people”

Musah Superior made remarks during his campaign of the Savannah and Upper West Regions over the weekend.

He has been leading the ‘Peoples’ Campaign’ on a nationwide campaign tour to maximize support for his bid for General Secretary.

In the Savannah Region, he campaigned in Salaga North, Salaga South, Yapei/Kusaegu, Daboya/Mankerigu, Damongo, Sawla and Bole.

He continued his tour in the Upper East where he interacted with all the constituencies at various locations in the Region.

Musah Superior charged the delegates to vote for competent persons to lead the Party for what he described as the “most crucial” in 2024. He criticised the current General Secretary for abandoning the Party.

“I am the most appropriate person for the General Secretary role. I am a global person and will never abandon you.

“You will see me periodically in the constituencies to work with you”. He urged the delegates to be bold and rescue the party from total collapse.

“Do not listen to anyone. The Ministers and others telling you not to vote for me know too well that on my watch the Party will be stronger and will be returned to the grassroots”

He said, he has the clearest message of reviving and rebuilding the Party. The General Secretary candidate spoke about his empowerment policy lamenting about the lack of a formal plan to empower constituency officers.

He indicated that his priority as General Secretary is to start a conversation with the Party executives to empower them.

He said he will propose the establishment of a Business Development Directorate at the Headquarters to guide and advice officials of the party to start businesses.

“I have been absolutely clear that if we want this Party to be strong and win 2024 and beyond, then we have to change the way we do things. We must introduce our people to opportunities and establish businesses for the local constituency Parties. This is how you build a strong Party”.

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