Blame The Nationwide Floods On Prez. Akufo Addo

Blame The Nationwide Floods On Prez. Akufo Addo

Sources in the Urban Roads Department close to the Gallant Cadres of NDC have confirmed massive decline in expenditure and works regarding de-silting and channeling of major drainage systems and earth drains across the country.


We challenge all media houses to check from the offices this department across the country and to investigate these figures and numbers of work done per annum over the six of this NPP government.

This should be done with the huge investment President John Dramani Mahama made across the country in terms of asphalting the major town roads all over the country freeing funds meant for the regular resurfacing and maintenance of deteriorating town roads so as to concentrate on de-silting and grass cutting in water ways as well as hydrological control services.


Instead of sympathizing with Ghanaians suffering from irreparable damages and loss of dear ones, they have resorted to blaming Ghanaian attitude as usual just like they did to the genuine ‘fix the country’ campaign!


This is because it is an obvious fact that enforcement of the laws of this country is the job of the government and the presidency for that matter, as the appointing agent. This lack of responsibility by the government is becoming alarming and that the president who has never done any meaningful reshuffling must be asked whether he is still interested in being the president of Ghana and for that reason the leader of Ghanaians who he has always been blaming for the problems we are facing in this country from A to Z.


We call on Ghanaians blame this government for the backward handling of flood control through starvation of Urban Roads Department of funds. Floods which until recently was largely limited to Accra only has become a nationwide problem. We Ghanaians to massively vote against them at all levels to save the situation.


Contact Comrade Richard E A Sarpong, Father Casford. The PRO and Convener of Gallant Cadres of NDC 0241906363

Mr F Kadan, Secretary. 0242276044

Mr P Buckman, Chairman. 0553982819

Email Us: [email protected] or
Whatsapp: +233(0)201743825

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