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Bawku Technical Institute closed down is reliably informed that students of the Bawku Technical Institute have been asked to go home.

The move is part of measures to ensure that their actions do not escalate into something else considering the volatile state of the Bawku township.

This comes after some final-year students of the school went on a rampage Tuesday afternoon to drum home the need for teachers to relax their strict invigilation.

The students threatened to deal with the teachers if nothing is done about the invigilation because their teachers did not cover most of the topics to adequately prepare them for WASSCE.


Students of Bawku Technical have also hit the streets of the school to register their displeasure over strict invigilation.

They say teachers are manhandling them in the examination halls and that makes them very uncomfortable and unable to give off their best on the papers.

“How can you take someone’s calculator from him when he is writing Maths? The teachers will stand on you and that is making us uncomfortable. This needs to stop,” a student told reporters.

For nine months we were home because of COVID-19, when we came back too Bawku was hot so our Teachers stopped teaching us and they are riding can do in town. I’m assuring the media and the security personnel that for today nothing will happen but tomorrow after the science paper if nothing changes then they should know that Bawku Tech is doomed forever.”

Another student who spoke to the media said apart from strict invigilation, they are venting their spleen because they are not provided with good food. He explained that even if the school cannon provide good food, there is the need to replace that with quantity but that has not been the case.

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