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Arrest Board Members Of National Cathedral For Deceiving, And Lying To Ghanaians

The Gallant Cadres of NDC call for immediate arrest and prosecutions all National Cathedral Trustees on the development of the Cathedral matter. We think that honestly the Church has lied to Ghanaians, should distances itself from the blatant theft and robbery going on in the name of GOD.

It is quite revealing to observe that when the National Cathedral was incorporated on 18th July, 2019; the then Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Dame was registered as Secretary.

During the same period, the board of the Public Procurement Authority which approved David Adjaye’s irregular sole sourcing contract was Godfred.

This is a clear conflict of interest situation, particularly from additional evidence available to us.
This has fast become the world’s most infamous cathedral project.

CATHEDRAL OF LIES: is no longer a question of if and when will members of the Board of Trustees of the Cathedral resign but rather *WHY ARE THEY STILL AROUND a stinking, morally bankrupt, corruption tainted scandal of a Cathedral; when it is clear they were initially deceived into accepting to be on the Board of Trusees to lend credibility to the scandalous Cathedral Project?

Now, knowing what they know, the members of the Board of Trusees of Akufo Addo’s Cathedral can no longer claim to be victims of Akufo Addo’s deceit in the unfolding “CATHEDRAL OF LIES” saga, if they continue to stay on…

About ⅞ of the current Trustees are victims for now; Some of the Trustees however, were active participants in this scandal and are operating from or acting in concert with others operating from the office of the President and an address in the United States of America.

In any future criminal prosecution, anybody including members of the Clergy, who knowingly aided, abated or played a role in the criminality surrounding the Cathedral will be liable.

It is time to walk away from the Scandalous Cathedral Project, it obvious the Cathedral will no longer be built;

Rather, that an independent forensic audit is required to precede a criminal prosecution of anyone involved in the Looting of the Public Purse and State Lands in the name of God.

The Land audit will open a can of worms, detailing the moral depravity which underpinned the stealing of Lands, annexing of extra Lands elsewhere in the name of the Cathedral.

The Fundraising audit will confirm or otherwise the involvement and level of support the LGBTQI Community have given to the Cathedral Project;

The Funding audit will show how and why Akufo Addo handpicked the Gay-LGBTQI advocate David Adjaye and others who were used as conduits for siphoning State Funds from a pot of taxpayers money lodged at the Office of the President which is dispensing money without Parliamentary approval nor oversight as required by the Constitution.

The audit process will reveal the role of the moribund Council of State and why they did not advise the President against the Cathedral Project when they had much earlier been petitioned to do so.

“`The suffering Ghanaian taxpayers reeling under the excruciating hardships deserve to know everything about the Akufo Addo Cathedral including the horn presented to him by Rev. Owusu Bempah who he used to replace Archbishop Dag Heward-Mills…“

Ghanaians are resolved to be Citizens and not Spectators.

They claimed to have paid SONNIE BADU $50,000 for a song ministration at the launch in the US. Now he has come out to say he was not given a dime and not even a seat was offered to him and his team. So who took the $50,000? Surely the Trustees do know about this!

Again, they claimed to have paid GHS30,000 to each of the gospel artistes who ministered at the launch here in Accra. Can those artistes also confirm if they received these monies?

The spirit of Ananias and Sapphira. Accountability is a bedrock of the faith. A temple of truth, holiness and piety cannot be built on a foundation of unholy lies, deception and financial opacity.


Comrade Richard E A Sarpong, Father Casford. The PRO and Convener 0241906363

Mr F Kadan, Secretary. 0242276044

Mr P Buckman, Chairman. 0553982819

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Whatsapp: +233(0)201743825

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