Another Ghanaian Lady In America Narrates Expose ‘Kofi Adoma’

A Ghanaian Lady in the United States has narrated her suffering at the hands of her man after suffering to bring him abroad.

The lady reveals she’s suffered her own Kofi Adoma experience – ie, spent lavishly on a man only for him to treat her badly like trash.

The distraught lady sent her story to Ghanaian blogger thosecalledcelebs who shared it online.

According to the lady, she was in the U.S and dating a guy in Ghana.

She spent all she had to get him documents, a visa and pay for a flight for him to join her in the States.

She claimed that she was also spending handsomely on him and his family during this time.

Narrating further, she said things took a turn for the worse once the guy reached America.

She revealed they started having arguments with the guy belittling her any chance he got.

She got pregnant and suffered an ectopic pregnancy, rupturing one of her fallopian tubes.

The lady narrated that at this point, her man simply lost interest and told her that he already has children with another woman.

She said she suffered serious depression after the relationship and it’s only a miracle that she hasn’t committed suicide.

Read her post below…

Her post comes as Ghanaian presenter and vlogger Kofi Adoma trends for maltreating his wife for years even as she spent on him.

According to Adoma himself, his wife took care of him, fed him, clothed him and paid for his accommodation and throughout that period, he was sleeping around and impregnated three separate women.

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