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Alleged Canadian girls kidnapper curses State prosecutor in court

Alleged Canadian girls kidnapper curses State prosecutor in court

A Nigerian resident in Ghana who has been named as the prime suspect in the kidnapping of two Canadian ladies, Sampson Aghaor did the unthinkable in court today when he screamed at the state prosecutor in the case accusing her of fabricating lies about him.

Mr Aghaor who looked upset took advantage of a break in the proceedings and screamed at the Senior State Attorney, Hilda Craig for been ‘so wicked and trying all means to jail him over a charge he has no idea of’.

“You this woman, you are very wicked and God will punish you, you don’t fear God but l fear him…,” he screamed to the dismay of reporters and other court attendants.

Aghaor, two other Nigerians and one Ghanaian are standing trial for kidnapping two Canadians, Lauren Catherine Tilley and Bailey Jordan Chitty, who were volunteers in Ghana and demanding ransom on June 4, 2019.

The accused allegedly touched the girls inappropriately and smeared their bodies with fowl blood and forwarded to their families as they demanded money until the girls were rescued by joint police and National Security team during a shootout.

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