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17-Year-Old Mother Of Two Set Of Twins Placed Under Five Years Family Planning To Prevent Another Unplanned Pregnancy

Diana, a mother of two sets of twins with runaway baby daddies who was fortunate to get help from benevolent Ghanaians has been put on a five-year birth control.

One of the concerns of a lot of people who came across her story was the fact that she didn’t have any family planning that would stop her from getting pregnant.

With that in mind, her mother agreed that she was put on five-year birth control. This was to prevent her from getting herself pregnant again.

Popular social media Twins, Twins Diaries took to Facebook update the public.

Their update on Facebook reads;


Thanks to all those who donated in cash(Money), clothings and food. We say God bless you.

We are very pleased with the amount of money we received on behalf of Diana predicament. Out of the money we received, we were able to use some amount for the following.

  • Rented a new comfortable house
  • Built a mini kiosk for provision shop
  • Buy new mattress
  • A TV set with a decoder
  • Daily Upkeep for Diana
  • And other essentials
    A bank account will soon be open in Diana’s name with the amount of money left.

And the most important of all, Diana is now under Child Birth Control (Family Planning) thus 5 years, which was agreed by Diana and her Mother.

Now, we are delighted and can confidently confirm that Diana will start her own business from the donations she had recently. We all made this come true.
Glory be to God!!

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