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14-hour Queue to see Queen’s coffin reaches capacity with entry paused

The UK government has announced that entry to the queue to see the late Queen Elizabeth II will be paused for at least six hours, as Southwark Park – the starting point of the queue – has reached capacity.

It has advised people not to attempt to join until it re-opens.

The queue to see the Queen lying in state now stretches five miles, with an extraordinary 14-hour waiting time.

At the back of the long line in Southwark Park, on the south bank of the Thames, people are waiting to get their wristbands, which mean they have an official place.

14-hour Queue to see Queen's coffin reaches capacity with entry paused
14-hour Queue to see Queen’s coffin reaches capacity with entry paused

Many citizens said they felt a duty to queue up and pay their respects to the late Queen, despite knowing they might not reach Westminster Hall until this evening.

People queuing are being warned they will need to stand for many hours with little opportunity to sit down, as the queue is constantly moving.

The maximum length the queue can be is 10 miles – with 6.9 miles from Westminster to Southwark, and a three-mile zigzag queue in Southwark Park.

Map showing queue

Where do I join the queue?

Check the tracker to see where the back of the queue is.

People should receive coloured wristbands as they join, so they can leave for a drink, or to go to the toilet, and then return.

Those in the queue are asked not to attempt to save a place for someone else, or leave personal items unattended, or put up tents.

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